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More money for Ontario Schools acheivable through Energy Savings

More money for Ontario Schools acheivable through Energy Savings

While listening to 680 news today, I heard that our Ontario schools use up to $340 Million on energy costs alone. Ontario Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller demands that school energy usage be released for schools. Most schools are outfitted with Florescent lights which were the most effective lighting technologies before LED base lighting became available. Eventually If they were to replace those lights sooner than later, they can save up to 20% on energy costs. That would mean up to $68 Million would be freed up for our schools for use.

This doesn't just applies to schools alone, businesses can benefit as well if they were to switch over to LED base lighting solution. About 2% of businesses use LED lighting today, why not more? They pay for themselves in time. (Look to our ROI once its completed to calculate how long it takes to get back your initial investment.)

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