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Color Temperature

Color Temperature

Color temperature is used to describe the radiated light color from a light source. When looking though our products you will notice that some of our lights are available in three classifications of color temperatures:

  1. warm white (2700k-3300k)
  2. cool white (5000k-6000k)
  3. daylight (8000k-10000k)

With each of these descriptions there is a range.  This range is what we call the Color Temperature which is specified in Kelvin Degrees.   LED lights in general are manufactured within the given range due to the allowable tolerances of the manufacturing equipment.  Usually the same batch of LED lights have the same color but may vary from a batch that was made a day before or ones made on different manufacturing equipment.

The picture attached to this article shows what these colors would look like. Warm white tends to be orange to light orange in color, while cool white tends to be from white to very light bluish white.  The daylight LED lights tends to give off a bluish white light.