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Canadian LED Lights Bulbs Supplier

Canadian LED Lights Bulbs Supplier

LED Light Bulbs Supplier

Vialed LED Lighting & Signs is one of the major LED Light Bulbs Suppliers in Toronto Ontario Canada. We market our LED lights nation wide. We offer Energy Saving lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor area. From lighting design to lighting selection consulting to renovation project consulting, we can help.

We have been involved in LED lighting design and renovation market for 5 years, with our specialty and experience we offer affordable economical high efficiency LED lighting solution for both commercial and residential customers. The projects we have completed includes Parking Lots lighting renovation, Residential building lighting design and renovation, Commercial building lighting renovation, Business office lighting project, Jewellery store showroom design and renovation.

We offer a wide range of selections to meet your requirements, form general indoor house LED lights to water resistant outdoor LED lights; from LED spot light bulbs to wide angle LED lights. Watt for Watt LED lights are brighter than other types of lights, and comes in three color temperatures:  Cool White, Warm White, and Day Light White.

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