T8 - End connector

What are the advantages of replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes?

T-8 LED tubes are ideal for replacing normal fluorescent tubes. LED tubes last longer, consume less energy, contains no hazardous materials and cost less to maintain over the life of the tube. While fluorescent tubes only comes in cool white(4100k), LED tubes also comes in warm white(3200k) and daylight(5100k) as well.

Why would anyone want to replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes if fluorescent tubes cost much less than LED tubes?

The cost of the LED tubes can easily be offset by the cost of the maintenance for normal fluorescent tubes. It’s a matter of return on investment(ROI).  Using our ROI calculator you can see for yourself how much you can save by just switching your lights to LED based lighting.

Imagine a factory floor where the tubes are installed on a high ceiling and due to the life cycle of these tubes or faulty ballast it fails.  The cost of replacing the tube may include disruption within the work area to bring in a lift to replace the defective ballast or tube, and also the cost of the lift and man power if contracted out.  When compared to LED fluorescent tubes which requires no ballast will typically last 5 times longer or more you can see why it easily justifies the higher price for a single tube.

Safety of the work place is also another issue.  Fluorescent tubes also contain mercury which is a regulated hazardous material which must be recycled properly and not be thrown in normal trash.  Breaking these tubes releases hazardous material into the air and effects workers’ mental health.  While LED fluorescent tubes on the other hand contains no hazardous material to worry about. So if it happens to break it will not release any hazardous material and can easily be thrown away in the regular trash.