LED ROI Calculator

This calculator is used to help provide you with information about your return on investment(ROI) if you were to switch from your current lighting to LED lighting.   To use this calculator you will need the specifications & maintenaince cost of the lights you currently use, the specifications & maintenance cost of the ones you would like to replace them with, and the current electricity cost per kWh on your electrical bill. 

Vialed Return On Investment(ROI)

Lighting Information

Current Lighting LED Lighting Power Rating(watts) : Number of Bulbs : Unit Bulb Cost($) : Bulb Lifespan(hrs) : Labour to Replace Each Bulb($) : Number of Ballast : Unit Cost of Ballast($) : Ballast Lifespan(hrs) : Labour to Replace Each Ballast($) :

Usage Information

Hours/Day : Days/Week : Weeks/Year :
Electricity(cost/kWh) :